Our Project


Suddenly, we stopped our search when we found those lands, embraced by a majestic Tagus River, which provides a special microclimate in this little area of Toledo province, highly differentiated with respect to the prevailing climate in the area.
After years of efforts, we collect 60 hectares of vineyards in our current estate, and all with the same differentiating climate nuances. Nuances that only could provide a huge river that embraces our vineyard, and through which we see reflected our work.




We decided to go for varieties best suited to our soils and climate, and following our popular Tempranillo, prevailing in the Ribera del Duero, our origin, we focus on other varieties that have had a perfect adaptation, and from which we extract the best, as are Graciano, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Petit Verdot, besides the aforementioned Tempranillo. Similarly, in white varieties bet at the time by our Verdejo, which we expect a lot, and we firmly believe will give us pleasant surprises.

The course of river and time are inexorably linked. As our wines. As our vineyards


sEl río Seleente era el río de los dioses en la mitología griega. A sus ribera acudían Aquiles y sus hombres antes de las batallas a beber los vinos de los viñedos que a las riberas del río Seleente se encontraban, proporcionándoles una pseudoinmortalidad. Y hemos querido hacerle un guiño a nuestro río, al Tajo, para agradecerle todo lo único que nos da y nos diferencia del resto.s


Simplicity and complexity are possible at the same time?
We assemble different grape varieties for each wine, so that there are four and even five grape varieties in each Seleente bottle, contributing with its strengths to improve the varietal character of its components. And all without losing the fruity and simplicity we like.

Cold macerations, during the pre fermentation the special character of our grapes are exposed, character that will be rounded after a careful oak aged, in oak barrels from different cooperages personally selected by us, which offer excellent characteristics, making possible for us to find what we are looking for. So that the selection of a Seleente bottle isn’t a random game.
Oak aged not too long, the fruit mustn’t be masked by the contribution of wood, but that ageing should only provide the added nuance that are sought in this type of wines.
In these winemakings, are not abused by fast or aggressive pumping systems, but everything flows more smoothly, in a way that the berry don’t suffer crushing or aggression before alcoholic fermentation that can make loosing the original character brought from the vineyard.